Equipment Screens

NuVue Equipment Screen
  1. No additional roof penetrations on most installations.

  2. Attached to the equipment's roof curb.

  3. Designed for quick installation

  4. Sliding doors offer easy equipment access

  5. Comes in 15 standard colors (custom colors available)

We offer a system of pre-formed metal panels and framing to enclose rooftop mechanical equipment. Our assembly is designed to provide easy service access, but touch-up painting is necessary for scratches and screw heads. Please note that this section does not include field painting of prime-painted screens. To completely understand this system's requirements, please review the related sections of Rooftop Units, Structural Roof Curbs, and Metal Panels.

Our manufacturer is responsible for the structural design of all materials, assembly, and attachments to resist various loads without damage or a permanent set. Please submit the manufacturer's catalog data, detail sheets, specifications, and other data to ensure compliance. Shop drawings should indicate layouts, connection details, and adjacent construction interfaces and also mark rooftop mechanical equipment to be enclosed. The warranty documents should be executed by the manufacturer and countersigned by the Contractor.

Please comply with building authorities' requirements and protect materials and finishes during handling and installation to prevent damage. Coordinate panel and framing sizes and submit shop drawings for approval before fabrication.

Our equipment screen is made of rigid galvalume metal sheets, minimum 18 Gauge LFQ, CQ, G-90 galvanized steel or heavier gauge, and all screws, bolts, nuts, and washers are stainless steel. In addition, the panel style, height, and design should be specified. The trim is fabricated from galvanized metal and finished with the manufacturer's standard coating system unless otherwise indicated on drawings.

Our equipment screen comes with a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects but does not cover failure caused by improper installation or damage by the Owner. Additionally, any local transportation, related service labor, or diagnostic call charges are not included, and Warrantor shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Please examine the conditions under which construction activities of this section are to be performed and notify the Architect and Screen manufacturer if such conditions are unacceptable. Installation must be in accordance with instructions and detailed drawings, and finishes and structure should be protected during subsequent construction activities. If minor damage to finishes occurs, repair damage in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and provide replacement components if repaired finishes are unacceptable to the Architect.


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