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Curbs Plus specializes in making metal roof curbs, those essential frameworks that support heating and air conditioning units, skylights, and other equipment on commercial and industrial buildings. We're one of the top roof curb manufacturers in the country, known for our high-quality products, responsiveness to customer needs, and reliable delivery record.

Our company's roots go back to 1978 when founder Gary Brower started a manufacturing company that generated over $8 million in annual revenue. After Gary's passing, his son Marc teamed up with a group of colleagues, sister Tina Brower, Ken Herrick, Nick and Joan Waber, Jon Steed, and Steven Jensen. Together, in 1996 they launched Curbs Plus with $425,000 in pooled capital and a determination to make roof curb history.

Their hard work paid off - within a year, Curbs Plus had doubled its factory equipment and sales volume, earning a spot on Entrepreneur Magazine's prestigious "Hot 100" list of America's fastest-growing new businesses.

Today, we continue to thrive by combining quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. We're committed to good old-fashioned personal communication and individual commitment, and that dedication shows in our success. So if you need a roof curb, you know where to turn - to the folks here at Curbs Plus, who are fabricating our future, one customer at a time.

Our commitment


We don't take short cuts. Period. It would be easy to increase profits by using second rate steel or cheap materials. We could also cut corners in our fabrication process. But what would that say about us? We are confident in our product. That is why Curbs Plus offers the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.


We are the industry leader in service. We've accomplished this feat by fostering a company culture that is grateful for our business partners and responsive to their needs. Simply put, we exist for you.


You need it when you need it. Early deliveries cost you money. Late deliveries cost you money. That's why we maintain the fastest production times available, and it's why we employ a team of logistics experts to coordinate delivery to your specific date and time. We keep your projects flowing smoothly.

Customer Testimonials

Franky, I wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the “above and beyond” attention you were able to give this situation this week … addressin...

Greg - Whirlwind

Lacie and Curbs Plus are great! Lacie consistently gets back to me quickly & her quotes are always accurate. Whether it’s large orders with different ...

Jarrod - Tom Barrow Co

You guys are the best ever and I am not just saying that. We have a lot of vendors we deal with and yall are not considered one. You guys are conside...

Cliff - American Buildings

Honestly, I don’t really have anything negative to say when it comes to quoting. I’d say that I ask you for quotes 9/10 times and you are always very...

Jaret - H&H

My honest feedback is that you have went above and beyond. Every time Jayce or I reach out for a request, you are always on it. Even when we reach out...

Troy - Captive Aire

You guys (you in particular) provide excellent service! Y’all are always quick to respond, helpful, and knowledgeable. It is greatly appreciated and m...

Ryan - Conklin Metal Industries

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